FantasySavvy 2013: Tim Tebow Should Be Signed

Blaine Gabbert, David Carr, Christian Ponder, Kyle Orton, Kellen Clemens, John Skelton, Jamarcus Russell, Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, Thad Lewis.

These are just some of the names that GM’s and Coaches are continuing to give chances and looks, yet Tim Tebow can not get a shot?

Especially Gabbert, Ponder, Skelton, Clemens, Freeman, Palmer. These guys are certified Same Ol’ Same Ol’ bums at this point. Can anybody seriously with a straight face say that Gabbert and Kellen Clemens are better than Tebow? LOL

There is no reason why he shouldn’t be signed over these guys.

So what is it? Any reasonable person has to admit he can elevate a teams play much more than these guys; he has already shown it in Denver when he got the chance.

Are teams just not wanting to deal with the so-called distraction? Are they afraid it will cause too much media attention in their small market background? Take away from the other stars on the team and create jealousy? Are they afraid that because he’s a devout Christian it will make people on the team uneasy?

Are they afraid to back Tebow and support  him since basically every single “expert” in the world has written him off and goes out of their way to keep his name out their mouth. If they do bring him up, it’s always in a negative manner. Are they afraid to be associated with Skip Bayless?

What is going on here? We have a guy who has proven to elevate his team’s play, improve the performance of his team, improve morale and win games, yet he continues to be ignored. Meanwhile proven losers, proven guys who have shown to make their team worse, in David Carr, John Skelton, Kellen Clemens, Blaine Gabbert etc, still get chances.

Why would you give these guys a chance? These guys have done absolutely nothing to improve their team’s performance, they have zero upside and are just stagnant players. Are these GM’s lost?

This is truly perplexing to me and ridiculous. Tebow only succeeded as a QB in Denver, he never got another chance to start after he was replaced by the best QB in the NFL. Until Tebow proves that he can’t win anymore or elevate a team’s play he deserves a chance to start or at least be a backup that has a chance to start. Not be a backup like he was with the Jets  and then be held hostage. Tebow may never be anything more than he was in Denver, but he deserves another chance.

There is something going on here, it’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s a mixture of cowardice, fear of going against public opinion, and complete lack of sense and direction. It’s really shows that a lot of these GM’s and some coaches either have no clue what they are doing or like a lot of our politicians and many in society are just going along to get along.

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2013 Fantasy Football: Week 5 Fantasy Savvy Player Rankings

It’s been a long time coming- Sam Cooke, but we are back and ready to rock from here on in. We kicked off our first radio show of the year on Wednesday night and this is our first Rankings of the season. We apologize for the delay but reality got heavily in the way of fantasy. However, every week our radio show will be active at full with player discussion, game previews and of course our NFL picks. Every Saturday night the Rankings will be released in time for Sunday morning. Also stay tuned for film review breakdown of the previous week and more! Now for some rankings you need to follow.


  1. Peyton Manning @ DAL
  2. Drew Brees @ CHI
  3. Aaron Rodgers vs DET
  4. Cam Newton @ AZ
  5. Matt Ryan vs NYJ
  6. Tom Brady @ CIN
  7. Tony Romo vs DEN
  8. Phillip Rivers @ OAK
  9. Eli Manning vs PHI
  10. Russell Wilson @ IND
  11. Michael Vick @ NYG
  12. Colin Kaepernick vs HOU
  13. Matt Stafford @ GB
  14. Andrew Luck vs Seattle
  15. Terrelle Pryor vs SD
  16. Jay Cutler vs NO
  17. Joe Flacco @ MIA
  18. Alex Smiith @ TEN
  19. Andy Dalton vs NE
  20. Matt Schaub @ SF
  21. Ryan Tannehill vs BAL
  22. Sam Bradford vs JAC
  23. Carson Palmer vs CAR


  1. LeSean McCoy @ NYG
  2. Jamaal Charles @ TEN
  3. Marshawn Lynch @ IND
  4. Reggie Bush @ GB
  5. Frank Gore vs HOU
  6. Arian Foster @ SF
  7. David Wilson vs PHI- Breakout game, no guts no glory
  8. Ray Rice @ MIA
  9. Matt Forte vs NO
  10. DeMarco Murray vs DEN
  11. Trent Richardson vs SEA
  12. Darren Sproles @ CHI
  13. Eddie Lacy vs DET
  14. Maurice Jones-Drew vs STL
  15. Giovani Benard vs NE
  16. Knowshon Moreno @ DAL
  17. LeGarrette Blount @ CIN
  18. Danny Woodhead @ OAK
  19. DeAngelo Williiams @ AZ
  20. Lamar Miller vs BAL
  21. Chris Johnson vs KC
  22. Rashad Jennings vs SD
  23. Chris Johnson vs KC
  24. Bilal Powell @ ATL
  25. Jaquizz Rodgers vs NY
  26. Benard Pierce @ MIA
  27. Pierre Thomas @ CHI
  28. Jonathan Franklin vs DET
  29. Zac Stacy @ JAC
  30. Kendall Hunter vs HOU
  31. Joique Bell @ GB
  32. Ben Tate @ SF
  33. Jason Snelling vs NYJ
  34. Rashard Mendenhall vs CAR
  35. Bryce Brown @ NYG
  36. Ronnie Hillman @ DAL
  37. Montee Ball @ DAL
  38. Daryl Richardson @ JAC
  39. Isiah Pead @ JAC
  40. Andre Ellington vs CAR


  1. Calvin Johnson @ GB
  2. Julio Jones vs NYJ
  3. Brandon Marshall vs NO
  4. Demaryius Thomas @ DAL
  5. Victor Cruz vs PHI
  6. Dez Bryant vs DEN
  7. Randall Cobb vs DET
  8. Wes Welker @ DAL
  9. Reggie Wayne vs SEA
  10. Torrey Smith @ MIA
  11. A.J. Green vs NE
  12. Andre Johnson @ SF
  13. Jordy Nelson vs DET
  14. Larry Fitzgerald vs CAR
  15. Marques Colston @ CHI
  16. Anquan Boldin vs HOU
  17. Eric Decker @ DAL
  18. Steve Smith @ AZ
  19. DeSean Jackson @ NYG
  20. James Jones vs DET
  21. Hakeem Nicks vs PHI
  22. Roddy White vs NYJ *questionable
  23. Danny Amendola vs CIN *questionable
  24. Julian Edelman @ CIN
  25. Mike Wallace vs BAL
  26. T.Y Hilton vs SEA
  27. DeAndre Hopkins @ SF
  28. Dwayne Bowe @ TEN
  29. Tavon Austin vs JAC
  30. Keenan Allen @ OAK
  31. Alshon Jeffrey vs NO
  32. Brian Hartline vs BAL
  33. Cecil Shorts vs STL
  34. Justin Blackmon vs STL
  35. Kendrell Thompkins @ CIN
  36. Terrance Williams vs DEN
  37. Denarius Moore vs SD
  38. Sidney Rice @ IND
  39. Ruben Randle vs PHI
  40. Nate Washington vs KC


  1. Jimmy Graham @ CHI
  2. Tony Gonzalez vs NYJ
  3. Jason Witten vs DEN
  4. Vernon Davis vs HOU
  5. Antonio Gates @ OAK
  6. Owen Daniels @ SF
  7. Julius Thomas @ DAL
  8. Greg Olsen @ AZ
  9. Mychal Rivera vs SD
  10. Martellus Bennett vs NO
  11. Jermichael Finley vs DET
  12. Jermaine Gresham vs NE
  13. Charles Clay vs BAL
  14. Dallas Clark @ MIA
  15. Jared Cook vs JAC
  16. Coby Fleener vs SEA
  17. Brandon Myers vs PHI
  18. Brandon Pettigrew @ GB
  19. Tyler Eifert vs NE
  20. Garrett Graham @ SF

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Rookie Sleepers You Need To Consider

What’s up everyone, stay tuned this year for our weekly radio show, weekly rankings and more. You can also check me on or on Google + Hangouts every Thursday Night at Hope all is well, if you have any questions hit me up @FantasySavvy on Twitter.


Check out this Rookie article here!…..


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Rookie WR’s You NEED To Target

The 2013 Season is almost upon us, training camp is in full swing, the preseason has just gotten underway and the regular season is right around the corner. In the next months you can expect some Google Hangout Chats posted here, Rookie Breakdowns, Sleepers and of course Rankings. Stay Tuned and make sure to follow @Fantasy Savvy.


Here is the first breakdown of Rookie WR’s, go check it out at

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FantasySavvy: 2013 NCAA Tournament Insight

By: Steve DeAngelo

The NCAA Tournament, to me, is easily the best sporting event we have. Nothing matches the entertainment and excitement value provided from it. I got hooked on this tournament from a very young age and have been obsessed ever since.  Three straight weeks of thrilling games, launched by48 games from Thurs-Sunday. For the next four days, following some light work Thursday morning, I will be doing absolutely nothing but watching, thinking and dreaming about College Basketball.

Below are some quick thoughts on sleeper teams, potential upsets, the Final Four, and some players to keep an eye on. If you have any questions about certain matchups or players, hit me up on twitter @FantasySavvy, email me at or comment below.

Sleeper Teams & Potential Upsets

Davidson: Led by Jake Cohen and De’Mon Brooks, this combo has what it takes to take out Marquette. They play very fluidly and Brooks is a serious force inside. Marquette is a tough team and Buzz Williams is a very solid coach, which makes them hard to pick against, but this game is going to be very close. Davidson could easily play themselves into the Sweet 16.

Belmont: As we know, Belmont is no stranger to the Tournament, but they are a stranger to winning in the Tournament. But, I believe this season they are due for a win and Arizona is ripe for the picking. The Pac-12 was once again a poor conference and Arizona just doesn’t impress me. Look for Belmont’s two Senior Guards Ian Clark (18 ppg) and Kerrom Johnson to give Zona all they can handle. Like Davidson, this is another fluid, cohesive squad that can make a nice run.

Minnesota: This team has size, is battle tested and has the athleticism to make a run to the Sweet 16. UCLA lost arguably their most important player in Jordan Adams for the Tournament, so they, like fellow Pac-12 team Arizona, are also prone to go down in the first round.  Expect the Gophers to control the boards and shut down UCLA on offense.

Northwestern State: This team can’t really play D and that’s not good when you match up with Florida, but they can score and rebound. In fact, Northwestern State leads the nation in scoring and is 12th in rebounding. I don’t trust Florida, Kenny Boynton hasn’t made a big shot his whole career, they have a weak inside game and I am going to take a shot with NW State here, despite them being 20-point dogs. Even if Florida does win this game, I don’t seem them making much noise at all in this tournament, the SEC like the PAC-12 has just been turrible this year.

Players to Watch:

Khalif Wyatt (G)-Temple: This kid can flat-out play and can carry Temple deep into the Tournament. Temple Head Coach Fran Dunphy has a horrible record in the Tournament at 1-5 but he is due for a deep run and this could be the year. Wyatt and Temple will need to get by C.J. Leslie and N.C. State which won’t be easy, but if they do, they could go on and beat Indiana and from there anything is possible. Wyatt reminds me of current Boston Celtic Jordan Crawford or maybe a James Harden lite. He has great range from three and gets to the hoop with consistency. When he gets to the line, he makes his FT’s shooting 83%. Temple has beaten Villanova, St. Louis, Syracuse and VCU this season, this team is legit and it all starts with Wyatt. Khalif has five games where he has scored at least 30 points and 11 games where he has scored 20.

C.J. Leslie (F) -N.C. State: N.C State has underachieved all season, but this team has the potential to go all the way to the Final 4. Leslie is a 6’9 Forward who reminds me a little bit of Kevin Garnett. He is crafty inside and has started to generate a mid-range game. I really am interested to see how he plays in this tournament because I think he has the potential to be a nice pro.

Doug McDermott (F)- Creighton: McDermott has the potential to pull a Stephen Curry and take this Creighton team to the Elite 8 or further, that’s how good he is. He can easily go off for 40 points like when he  put up 41 against Wichita State two weeks ago. He can shoot the three, play with his back to the basket and is just such a refined and fundamentally sound player. Most of the country has seen him, but if you haven’t make sure you check him out.

And of course: Shane Larkin-Miami, Ben Mclemore-Kansas, Kelly Olynk-Zags, Marcus Smart-Ok State, Trey Burke-Michigan, DeShaun Thomas-Ohio St, Otto Porter-G’town, Cody Zeller-Indiana.

Final Four

St. Louis: Just had a feeling about this team all year after I watched them win @ Butler. They have three guards in Mitchell, Jett and Mcall Jr. who all play excellent defense and can get to the rack. Dwayne Evans plays inside and although he’s only 6’5 he plays much bigger than that and is one of the most skilled post players in the country. They won an extremely tough A10, winning both the regular season and the conference tournament and they are beyond ready for a deep run. This team always plays cool, calm and collected and they are playing with a purpose, to win for the their former coach, the late Rick Majerus. Do not sleep on this team.

Ohio State: I’m taking Ohio State to come out of the west. I expect them to take out New Mexico everybody’s darling team this year and get past the Zags or Wisconsin in the Elite 8. The Buckeyes aren’t  a great scoring team, but they are excellent defensively and are led by arguably the best leader in College Basketball in Aaron Craft. DeShaun Thomas is one of the best players in the country and with him they have a go to guy at the end of the game, not many teams can say that.

Georgetown: Bit of a homer pick here and I will admit it will be tough for G’town to beat either Kansas, Michigan or VCU, but their road to the Elite 8 might be the easiest of all the tournament teams. I think they are a lock to make it to the regionals. Otto Porter brings that Jeff Green skillset when Green led the Hoyas to the Final Four and Markel Starks reminds me of former Hoya Jonathan Wallace. Both make big shots and G’town plays a suffocating defense.

Miami: I think the player I’ve been most impressed with has been Shane Larkin. He is probably the best PG in the country and arguably the quickest and most explosive. He has great range from three, makes great decisions with the ball and is truly a masterful floor general. Kenny Kadji can also shoot the three as well as play inside.  Jim Larranaga has been here before with George Mason and I believe he returns to the final weekend, but this time with a more talented team.

Again this is the best time of the year, all these matchups from teams that have never seen each other makes this tournament so interesting. You saw it tonight with the boys from Philly in LaSalle taking out the Boise State Broncos, showing that East Coast Basketball owns the West Coast! Enjoy the tournament everyone!

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FantasySavvy 2012: Week 16 Player Rankings (Super Bowl Rankings)

Thanks for following this year everyone, it’s much appreciated. This season flew by, but once again it was another great season. I hope all of you dominate in your Fantasy Super Bowls. Since it is the Super Bowl, I am going to shorten the lists a bit and take out some of the very irrelevant players. I should have some NBA, MLB and College Hoops stuff coming in the next few weeks and of course I will be back next year for Football, but even stronger. If you ever need to contact me you can @FantasySavvy on Twitter. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, God Bless. Go get those Championships!


  1. Cam Newton vs OAK
  2. Tom Brady @ JAC
  3. Aaron Rodgers vs TEN
  4. RG3 @ PHI
  5. Tony Romo vs NO
  6. Drew Brees @ DAL
  7. Peyton Manning vs CLE
  8. Andrew Luck @ KC
  9. Eli Manning @ BAL
  10. Colin Kaepernick @ SEA
  11. Ben Roethlisberger vs CIN
  12. Matt Schaub vs MIN
  13. Sam Bradford @ TB
  14. Carson Palmer @ CAR
  15. Russell Wilson vs SF
  16. Andy Dalton @ PIT
  17. Joe Flacco vs NYG
  18. Chad Henne vs NE
  19. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ MIA
  20. Jay Cutler @ ARI
  21. Nick Foles vs WAS
  22. Brandon Weeden @ DEN
  23. Jake Locker @ GB

Running Backs

  1. Adrian Peterson @ HOU
  2. Arian Foster vs MIN
  3. DeMarco Murray vs NO
  4. Ray Rice vs NYG
  5. Alfred Morris @ PHI
  6. Marshawn Lynch vs SF
  7. C.J. Spiller @ MIA
  8. Jamaal Charles vs IND
  9. LeSean McCoy vs WAS
  10. Vick Ballard @ KC
  11. Stevan Ridley @ JAC
  12. Frank Gore @ SEA
  13. Darren McFadden @ CAR
  14. Trent Richardson @ DEN
  15. Reggie Bush vs BUF
  16. Knowshon Moreno vs CLE
  17. Darren Mcfadden @ CAR
  18. Darren Sproles @ DAL
  19. Matt Forte @ ARI
  20. BenJarvus Green-Ellis @ PIT
  21. Steven Jackson @ TB
  22. Chris Johnson @ GB
  23. DeAngelo Williams vs OAK
  24. Ahmad Bradshaw @ BAL *questionable, should play
  25. Montell Owens vs NE
  26. Shonn Greene vs SD
  27. Jonathan Dwyer vs CIN
  28. Chris “Beanie” Wells vs CHI
  29. David Wilson @ BAL *bump up 15 spots if Bradshaw is OUT
  30. Ronnie Brown @ NYJ
  31. Mark Ingram @ DAL
  32. Bilal Powell vs SD
  33. Alex Green vs CLE *questionable
  34. Jonathan Stewart vs OAK *questionable
  35. Bryce Brown vs WAS
  36. Shane Vereen @ JAC
  37. Pierre Thomas @ DAL
  38. Brandon Bolden @ JAC
  39.  Jackie Battle @ NYJ
  40. Issac Redman vs CIN
  41. Marcel Reese @ CAR
  42. Danny Woodhead @ JAC
  43. Peyton Hillis vs IND
  44. Dijuan Harris vs TEN  * move up to Greens Spot if Green OUT

Wide Receivers

  1. Dez Bryant vs NO
  2. Andre Johnson vs MIN
  3. A.J. Green @ PIT
  4. Brandon Marshall @ AZ
  5. Demaryius Thomas vs CLE
  6. Vincent Jackson vs STL
  7. Randall Cobb vs TEN
  8. Wes Welker @ JAC
  9. Reggie Wayne @ KC
  10. Steve Smith vs OAK
  11. Pierre Garcon @ PHI
  12. Victor Cruz @ BAL
  13. Marques Colston @ DAL
  14. Cecil Shorts vs NE
  15. Mike Wallace vs CIN
  16. Steve Johnson @ MIA
  17. Miles Austin vs NO
  18. Michael Crabtree @ SEA
  19. Danny Amendola @ TB
  20. James Jones vs TEN
  21. Hakeem Nicks @ BAL
  22. Eric Decker vs CLE
  23. Lance Moore @ DAL
  24. Justin Blackmon vs NE
  25. Brandon Lloyd @ JAC
  26. Greg Jennings vs TEN
  27. T.Y. Hilton @ KC
  28. Danario Alexander @ NYJ
  29. Torrey Smith vs NYG
  30. Denarius Moore @ CAR
  31. Anquan Boldin vs NYG
  32. Jeremy Maclin vs WAS
  33. Larry Fitzgerald vs CHI
  34. Josh Gordon @ DEN
  35. Antonio Brown vs CIN
  36. Sidney Rice vs SF
  37. Brian Hartline vs BUF
  38. Kenny Britt @ GB
  39. Donnie Avery @ KC
  40. Mike Williams vs STL
  41. Golden Tate vs SF
  42. Brandon LaFell vs OAK
  43. Jason Avant @ WAS
  44. Brandon Gibson @ TB
  45. Darrius Heyward-Bey @ CAR

Tight Ends

  1. Jason Witten vs NO
  2. Aaron Hernandez @ JAC
  3. Jimmy Graham @ DAL
  4. Heath Miller vs CIN
  5. Owen Daniels vs MIN
  6. Jermaine Gresham @ PIT
  7. Greg Olsen vs OAK
  8. Dennis Pitta vs NYG
  9. Antonio Gates @ NYJ
  10. Vernon Davis @ SEA
  11. Brandon Myers @ CAR
  12. Jermichael Finley vs TEN
  13. Kyle Rudolph @ HOU
  14. Marcedes Lewis vs NE
  15. Dwayne Allen @ KC
  16. Scott Chandler @ MIA
  17. Dallas Clark vs STL
  18. Joel Dreessen vs CLE
  19. Jacob Tamme vs CLE
  20. Anthony Fasano vs BUF
  21. Brent Celek vs WAS
  22. Tony Moeaki vs IND

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FantasySavvy 2012: Week 16 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em (Super Bowl Edition)

As seen on, make sure to check there for tons of great additional information.

Congratulations, you made it to your Super Bowl, this is what it is all about. All the research, pickups, lineup decisions, etc, come down to this moment. Regardless of what happens this week, you have had a very successful season and have done a great job managing your team. I hope you all of you that are reading this take care of business this week and finish the deal. Thanks for reading everybody and I hope to see you all back next season. Also, I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This is truly the best time of the year.

You won’t see the obvious names on here, that would be pointless. Maybe occasionally to give you a reminder, but rather we are looking to identify some guys that you may be on the fence with and encourage you to either start or sit them. Matchups will be broken down, stats will be used, some projections will be provided and some “gut” feeling will be mixed in. But when it comes down to the come down, it’s your “gut” you need to roll with.

*Players listed in order of projected effectiveness in the start ‘em category and ineffectiveness in the sit ‘em category.


Start ‘Em

Andrew Luck @ Kansas City

Luck has been held under 200 yards passing in his last two games, but he’s going to break out of that against the Chiefs. The Colts are going to get a ton of opportunities with the ball since the Chiefs offense is so inept. Look for Luck to approach 250 yards with at least two TD’s.

Colin Kaepernick @ Seattle

Tough matchup here, but Kaepernick still is worthy of starting. He may be held to just one passing TD, but Kaep will likely approach at least 40 yards rushing and should be able to pass for over 200 making him a solid fantasy play.

Sam Bradford @ Tampa Bay

Danny Amendola returns and Bradford throws for 377 yards and three TD’s. Bradford should continue to wheel and deal against the Bucs horrible secondary, ranked dead last in points allowed to QB’s. Expect around 250 yards passing with at least two TD’s.

Sit ‘Em

Jay Cutler @ Arizona

The Cards are third best against QB’s and Jay Cutler is having a very mediocre season. While the Bears may get a ton of possessions in this game, Cutler can not be trusted.

Josh Freeman vs St. Louis

Freeman fooled all of us, it appears he is the average QB he has always been. I didn’t want to believe in this guy, but after he went on such a hot stretch mid-year I thought he had turned a corner. However, after last week where he could not even manage to produce a single point for the Bucs offense against the Saints defense, it is pretty apparent this guy does not have what it takes to take that next step. You can not turn back to this guy this week, not in the Fantasy Super Bowl.

Russell Wilson vs San Francisco

Wilson is having a stellar rookie season with 21 TD’s, just nine interceptions and nearly 3,000 yards passing. It’s pretty hard to recommend benching him this week after he accounted for four TD’s last week, but this isn’t the Bills, it’s the 49ers. Last time he faced them he struggled completing just nine passes, throwing for just 123 yards with no TD’s. He most likely will play better this time around, but there is a chance he could be held without a TD once again.

Running Backs

Start ‘Em

DeMarco Murray vs New Orleans

DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

Murray being out for several weeks may have been a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys with Murray now being fresh and running hard as ever. This is just an excellent matchup for DM this week and I really forsee a monster game from him. His physical style matches up perfectly against this Saints defense. Murray should easily go over 100 yards and finish with at least 1 TD.

Vick Ballard @ Kansas City

Ballard now has the starting job all to himself and is taking full advantage of it. He is a fairly talented back and he should enjoy a nice game against the Chiefs. I expect him to find the endzone and approach and possibly have over 100 yards rushing. He ran for 100 yards against the Texans; he can easily do it against the Chiefs.

DeAngelo Williams vs Oakland

After years of just pure Fantasy Horribleness, DeAngelo Williams has once again returned to Fantasy relevancy. He is actually starting to run with purpose and is getting the job done for Fantasy Owners. Well, with Oakland coming up, you really can’t ask for a better matchup. Now, DeAngelo does still have the potential to burn you, but I think it’s safe to say he should finish with around 100 total yards in this game and has a decent chance to find the endzone. The Panthers offense is rolling right now and DeAngelo is going to continue to benefit.

Sit ‘Em

Bryce Brown vs Washington

LeSean McCoy owners, such as myself, wish he had come back sooner after Brown threw up two duds in a row; but with the news McCoy will in fact return this week, Brown needs to be on benches. I wouldn’t expect any more than 10 touches, but he may not even get that, the fumbling problems are going to cost him playing time in this game.

Beanie Wells vs Chicago

Beanie went off for three TD’s last week against Detroit, but please don’t start him against the Bears. This has 15 carries for 40 yards written all over it. Stay away.

Jonathan Dwyer vs Cincinnati

Dwyer is still technically the starter, but isn’t seeing many carries with just 15 in his last two games and is not playing at a high level. He has scored in two of his last three games, but against the Bengals tough front four he needs to be avoided.

Wide Receivers

Start ‘Em

Steve Smith vs Oakland

Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith

After a extremely slow start to the season, Steve Smith has been heating up the last few weeks as Cam Newton’s play has stepped up. Smith has two 100-yard games and two TD’s in his last three games and has an excellent matchup against Oakland. Smith could have his best game of the season.

Cecil Shorts & Justin Blackmon vs New England

Both are strong options in a game where the Jags are going to be throwing the ball all day long. Cecil Shorts is the better option from Blackmon, but both should be able to put up respectable numbers and get it done for your Fantasy Squads. Look for Shorts to hit 100 yards and Blackmon to near that mark as well.

Michael Crabtree @ Seattle

Crabtree continues to be targeted heavily by Kaepernick every week and he needs to be in your lineups in the Fantasy Super Bowl. Crabtree has 23 targets, two 100-yard games and two TD’s in his last three games.

Sit ‘Em

Josh Gordon & Greg Little @ Denver

I would steer clear from both of these guys this week, especially Little, with the Browns facing Champ Bailey in coverage and the Broncos pass rush. After a slow start, Denver has creeped it’s way all the way to seventh best at defending the WR position.

Larry Fitzgerald vs Chicago

Tip for next year: Avoid WR’s who play with horrible QB’s. Fitzgerald has been a disaster this season with the likes of John Skelton, Kevin Kolb and Ryan Lindley throwing him the ball. Despite the name and although you may be desperate this week, try to steer clear from Fitz against the Bears.

Danario Alexander @ New York Jets

Danario killed owners last week by putting up the infamous doughnut, but if you were lucky enough to advance despite his performance, you need to look at benching him this week. Antonio Cromartie has done an excellent job all season on No. 1 WR’s and he should be able to contain Alexander.

Tight Ends

Start ‘Em

Greg Olsen vs Oakland

Like they do with every other position, the Raiders also let up a ton of points to Tight Ends, ranked 4th worst. Olsen has been extremely steady the past six weeks with four 50 yard games and and four TD’s. Start him with confidence.

Dennis Pitta vs New York Giants

I faced Dennis Pitta in two leagues last week who went off for 100 yards and two TD’s and you can guess how that turned out. Unbelievable. But Pitta needs to stay in your lineups as Flacco will continue to look his way, especially in the redzone. Pitta has 19 targets and three TD’s in his last two games.

Antonio Gates @ New York Jets

San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates

Being a Jet fan, I know how bad they have been historically at covering Tight Ends. Their LB’s just don’t have the speed or athleticism to keep up with the athletic Tight Ends of the league. Gates finally got back into the endzone last week and I expect him to put up respectable numbers against the Jets. Look for around 60-70 yards with a possible score.

Sit ‘Em

Joel Dreesen & Jacob Tamme vs Cleveland

These guys hurt each other’s value and it’s hard to predict which one will have the bigger impact each week. Regardless, both have been mediocre all year. The Browns are also 5th best at defending the Tight End position.

Kyle Rudolph @ Houston

After scoring in three consecutive games, Rudolph hasn’t scored and has just 23 yards receiving in his last two games. Christian Ponder is playing pretty awful at this point in the season and Rudolph isn’t going to contribute for you team unless he scores. He’s way too risky to use, look for something more consistent.


Start ‘Em

London Fletcher @ Philadelphia

London Fletcher, Washington Redskins

Fletcher has had another strong season with 52 tackles for the Skins and now faces the Eagles who are allowing the most points to LB’s.

Wesley Woodward vs Cleveland

Woodward has been a force for the Denver defense all season and is a great play against the Browns who are allowing the 8th most points to Fantasy LB’s.

Sit ‘Em

Cortland Finnegan @ Green Bay

Bad matchup for Finnegan who will be squaring off against the talented Packers WR’s and Aaron Rodgers who is extremely smart with the football.

Richard Sherman vs San Francisco

Sherman will be limited this week as the 49ers aren’t turning the ball over much and are allowing the 2nd fewest amount points to CB’s.

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