FantasySavvy 2016: Championship Sunday Player Rankings & Projections

It’s been a while, but I wanted to get this out to help not only you guys gain some clarity this weekend, but also for myself. Following a list just makes things much easier when setting your lineups. But first let’s do some predictions. We have some pretty classic games this Sunday with the Pats visiting Mile High to face the Broncos and the Cardinals going to Charlotte to face the Panthers.

Peyton Manning has played the worst he ever has this season and it seems nobody is really giving them a shot against the Pats. But I will rock with the Broncos and say Brady makes a few mistakes as Denver seals the win 24-20. This is more of a contrarian pick, because looking at the surface of this game, Brady has Edelman back now and the Pats are almost completely healthy on Defense, something they were not the first time these two teams played. But sometimes things are just meant to happen and I think Denver’s D will play extremely well along with Manning as well as the running game, (most notably C.J. Anderson) doing just enough to squeeze by New England to advance to the Super Bowl.

Carson Palmer did not play well against Green Bay and you wonder how he will do now against a better defense and having to play on the road in freezing temperatures. Meanwhile Cam Newton has not lost at home this season and has been on an absolute tear all season. Jonathan Stewart has been very effective and Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and Josh Norman are playing at an Elite Level. This game really could go either way, but I think the Panthers D shuts David Johnson down on the ground and puts enough pressure on Palmer which will lead him to turn the ball over a few times. Cards may hold the lead at times in this game, but I think Carolina prevails 27-24. Onto the Rankings.


  1. Carson Palmer  (315 Yards 3 TD’s 2 Int’s)
  2. Cam Newton     (260 Yards 2 TD’s 1 Int, 40 yards Rushing)
  3. Tom Brady         (275 Yards 2 TD’s 2 Int’s)
  4. Peyton Manning (240 Yards 1 TD 2 Int’s)


  1. Jonathan Stewart  (120 total yards, 2 catches, 1 TD)
  2. C.J. Anderson         (100 total yards 4 catches, 1 TD)
  3. David Johnson       (80 Total Yards, 5 catches, 1 TD)
  4. James White           (70 total yards 5 catches)
  5. Ronnie Hillman      (40 total yards, 3 catches)
  6. Steven Jackson        (30 total yards,1 catch)
  7. Andre Ellington      (30 total yards, 1 catch)
  8. Mike Tolbert            (25 total yards, 1 catch)
  9. Cameron Artis-Payne  (15 total yards)
  10. Brandon Bolden           (10 total yards, 1 catch)


  1. Julian Edelman            (100 yards, 8 Catches 1 TD)
  2. Larry Fitzgerald           (90 yards, 7 catches 1 TD)
  3. Demaryious Thomas    (80 yards, 6 catches, 1 TD)
  4. John Brown                   (70 yards, 5 catches 1 TD)
  5. Emmanuel Sanders       (70 yards, 5 catches)
  6. Michael Floyd                (50 yards, 4 catches)
  7. Ted Ginn                        (50 yards, 4 catches)
  8. Jordan Norwood            (40 yards 4 catches)
  9. Danny Amendola           (30 yards, 3 catches)
  10. Jerricho Cotchery           (30 yards, 3 catches)
  11. Corey “Philly”Brown      (30 yards, 3 catches)
  12. Bennie Fowler                 (20 yards, 2 catches)
  13. Devin Funchess               (15 yards, 1 catch)
  14. JJ Nelson                           (15 yards, 1 catch)
  15. Keshawn Martin               (10 yards, 1 catch)
  16. Andre Caldwell               (10 yards, 1 catch)
  17. Cody Latimer                     (10 yards, 1 catch)
  18. Jaron Brown                       (10 yards, 1 catch)


  1. Greg Olsen               (8 catches, 110 yards 1 TD)
  2. Rob Gronkowski      (7 catches, 90 yards 1 TD)
  3. Owen Daniels           (2 catches, 20 yards)
  4. Scott Chandler         (1 catch, 10 yards)
  5. Darren Fells               (10 yards, 1 catch)
  6. Ed Dickson                   (10 yards, 1 catch)
  7. Virgil Green                   (10 yards, 1 catch)
  8. Vernon Davis                  (10 yards, 1 catch)


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2015 NFL Postseason: King Of Harpoons Update

Welcome to the King of Harpoons. You think your good? You think your powerful? Are you Obama? Are you Putin? Are you Stanley BentRod? You are now in the Fog, you must find a way out, you must Ride Through Fogs. You will not be helped, there will be no pity, you have packed your tools and now you are going through the forest in your vehicle of choice. Will you come out victorious? Or will you come out a piece of beat up lettuce? Time will tell and Champions will be crowned while the losers will be thrown off a Cliff, only to be mauled by a 600-pound Grizzly Beaver.

Hi everyone, I’m Dingles Batshit. Before you mock my name, know that my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather was the King of Scotland for 49 years. Well in the play that they had on Thanksgiving Eve in the year 1478. My name means simply Great Batshit. My Grandfather was a crazy man who helped his people escape persecution from the Ethiopian Invaders.

Thanks Gramps, but enough of my story, Good Ol Dingles will be breaking down the Player Pool we have here in the King of Harpoons and the describe the current standing of all teams. My good Friend and legendary Gary Plonderson, who is traveling through the Bean Forest for the next 9 weeks has left with me with this Glorious duty, so let’s get to it.

Gary Portman holds the #1 spot after the WC round with 96.8 point but just four players remain. He was most notably hit by the heavy investment of the Cincinnati Bengals where he lost four players including A.J Green, Marvin Jones, Mike Nugent and Tyler Eifert. As we all saw, Cincinnati lost in devastating fashion after a fumble and two person foul penalties basically sealed a Pittsburgh win. The Bengals have been a hard luck franchise for some time and it continued this year. Gary is going to need the Packers and Aaron Rodgers to somehow make the Super Bowl with Gronkowski going completely off to have any chance of finishing in the money. But it appears the Cincy Investment will doom him, much like my investment into Canadian BeanSprouts which caused my Wife to leave me for a Jewish Pencil Sharpener Salesmen.

Projected Points Divisional Round: 62

Joe Portman, Gary’s Big Bro, is just 2 points behind with 94.2 points but with 7 players left. The Chiefs D was the star of the WC round for him scoring 33 points. Jordan Reed also turned in 28 points and it would have been huge if he advanced but the Skins much like the Bengals haven’t Won anything significant in a very long time. Joe will need a Peyton Manning SB ticket along with solid performances from Larry Fitzgerald to have a legit shot at taking this title. With the rest of the team comprising of Luke Goldilocks Wilson, Fitzgerald Touissant, Markus Wheaton and Danny Amendola, he will need Peyton and Larry Fitz to be the strongholds.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 76

Matt Stone a former Champion of this tournament sits in 3rd place with 78.55 points and 9 players, tied for 2nd most. Stone is heavily invested in the Steelers with Big Ben, Martavis Bryant and Chris Boswell. He will need a banged up Big Ben to go into Denver and take down Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The team also comprises of Seattle D, Christine Michael, Greg Olsen, Charcandrick West and Andre Ellington. Ellington will take a backseat to David Johnson, but thoughts around these parts are that he may have a nice impact in these playoffs. Olsen in the SB will also produce a ton of points for Stone, so if he can get that Steelers victory this week he will be in fairly good shape.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 87

The Eldest of the Portman Bros, Robert Portman, finished in 4th place after the WC round with 74.5 points and 7 players left. Emotions may have got the best of him as he went with his Favorite Team’s Emotional QB Kirk “You Like That” Cousins, while also selecting Pierre Garcon. The Skins looked to be in control after an early safety, but despite Aaron Rodgers struggles this year, the Skins D was just not good enough to contain him and the Pack. Bob def didn’t like that shit. But the worst part had to be seeing his kicker Blair Walsh miss a chip shot FG which was a pure choke job. After you watch that, you figure you are pretty much stuck in a wheelbarrow full of Wet Geese Crap.  Bob will need Jeremy Maclin, Emmanuel Sanders, Spencer Ware and the Panthers D to put up big points the rest of the way. However, it’s not likely and the first round gamble of sticking with his Skins will probably prove to be his downfall.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 56

Frank “it’s not a tumaa” Thoma holds the 5th spot with 73 points and 8 players left. Frank lost Teddy poufy hands Bridgewater and Stefon Diggs in devastating fashion and it would have been a nice bonus to have had them advance to the next round. Antonio Brown is the lifeline of this team. And despite reports of him not looking good for this weekend, Ol Dingles has learned that from his local sources that Brown will indeed play and play well in a matchup vs the Denver Broncos and their talented secondary. Thoma will also be looking for a Packers upset of the Cards as he looks to maintain James Jones and the Packers D. Frank also will need good performances from James White and Steven Jackson as they lead the NE backfield. If Antonio Brown can advance Frank will have a legit shot, but he will live and die with Brown, much like I lived and died with my Running Fade away, Left Handed, 27 foot, Three Point Hook Shot in High school. Here is a highlight of my students successfully attempting my hookshot in Thailand in 2012.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 68

Steve D the champion from 2 years ago, is currently in 6th place 38 points back of the leader with 58.2 points and 8 players left. Steve got a big advancement with Alex Smith and two Packers Davante Adams and James Starks pressing into the next round. Tyler Lockett moved on as well but was disappointing with just 4.5 points. This team is Broncos heavy with Demaryius Thomas, Broncos D, and Brandon McManus. The other key piece to this team is David Johnson. With a Broncos win and Cardinals win, Steve will be in a nice position with some solid point producing players going into the Championship round. Even if the Packers win he will be looking fairly good. A win by the Chiefs will obviously put Steve in prime position, but this team is basically reliant on Denver making a run to the SB. Steve is the commish and a good friend of Plonderson, so from my Family to his, Happy Freaking New Year Pal, hope to see you at the Eagle Conference in Idaho next Winter.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 105

Petey C 2nd place finisher last year is currently in the 7th slot with 57.5 points and 5 players left. DeAndre Hopkins was the biggest loss of the 1st round. Travis Kelce had a nice 1st round 22-point performance and he will most certainly need a KC upset of New England to have any chance of winning this. Cam Newton will also need to make the SB as the rest of his team is pretty weak. He had both the Texans D and Texans kicker so those were big losses in the 1st round. He will also need Eddie Lacy to lay off the FlapJacks and Chitlins in preparation for Sundays Game.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 62

Robby D aka Hack is in 8th place with 53.3 points and 9 players left. Brian Hoyer was completely devastating as he was a turnover machine, finishing with -.8 points. DeAngelo Williams not playing in the 1st round was also costly and reports are he may miss the matchup vs the Broncos. Rob is going to need a Seattle, New England ride to the SB with his Doug Baldwin and Julian Edelman WR combo to have any shot of finishing in the money. Problem is, there isn’t much firepower coming from the rest of his squad. Most likely during the draft Rob was hitting the electronic pipe researching the last 10 and watching highlights of Spurs C Boban Marjanovic as he looks to maintain his Excellence in Fantasy NBA.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 80

Kenny D sits in 9th place with 45.4 points and 9 players left and has a decent roster remaining. Russell Wilson’s 12-point performance was surprising but at least he advanced with the Blair Walsh miss. Ken maintains Wilson, Michael Floyd C.J Anderson, and K Catanzaro as his top weapons. Ken will need a Seattle Run to the SB along CJ turning into the old CJ and Denver getting back to the title game. In the meantime, maybe he can get some more contributions from Jordan Todman, Albert Wilson and Heath Miller as most likely none of them will advance past the divisional round. Stranger things have happened however, like when I lost my cooking apron and then found it hanging in my neighbors closet 41 years later. Pretty strange if you ask me.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 85


Michael Esposito “Espo” sits in 10th place with 40.7 points and just 6 players left. Heavily invested into the Bengals much like Gary Portman, Espo lost 3 Bengals in horrid fashion by losing A.J. McCarron, Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard. Word is, his neighbor, Chuck Tekels, who lives 6 houses down heard him screaming at his TV relentlessly, shouting multiple obscenities throughout the Bengalis game. Also a old lady was hit with a Chocolate Chip Cookie and fell onto his lawn while walking her dog in the neighborhood. No cops were called or charges pressed, however. To make matters worse, Marshawn Lynch, his #1 pick, was ruled out for the game against the Vikings. Whelp, that pretty much seals it for Espo, but I’m sure he will use this as heavy motivation for the NCAA Players Pool upcoming in March. Hope to see you at Miami Mike’s!!!

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 68

11th place goes to the brand new Pops Dennis Severino. Receiving one of the lowest draft grades by my colleague Gary Plonderson, Severino escaped the WC round with just 35 points while keeping 7 players. The Cordarrelle “I’ve smoked more weed then all you did in your lifetimes combined” Patterson selection proved to be terrible as he was solely relying on his kick return prowess. However, Patterson went nowhere, much like Severino’s team appears to be going. That is however unless pretty boy Tom Brady can lead the New England Patriots to the promise land once again. He will then pair Brady up with K Steven Gostkowski on that journey. He will also need good performances from Ronnie Hillman and Randall Cobb, along with Cameron Artis-Payne doing something whether Jonathan Stewart plays or not. It doesn’t look good for Severino but this may have been foretold from the start as he emailed Commish Steve DeAngelo back saying “I’m Shot, but I’m in” when responding to his participation in this year’s tournament. New found fatherhood can do that to a man.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 74

Last year’s Champ Evan Swalling sits in last place with just 23.3 points, but does boast having the most remaining players with 10 left. Evan, who was doubted by many even after winning last year’s title had the #1 pick and selected Carson Palmer who he will need to make a run to the SB. He also has the Cards D, so this is vital for his team. He will need Jonathan Stewart to return healthy this week against the Seahawks and then advance to play the Cards in the NFC Title game. Losing Adrian Peterson, his 2nd pick was tough, especially when only finished with 6.3 points. The rest of the team is completely suspect other than the great Brazilian sensation Cairo “Barry” Santos. If KC can make a miracle run to the SB, coupled with Carson, Zona D and some good performances from Jonathan Stewart, Evan may have a shot at the money. It just doesn’t seem likely this year.

Projected Points in Divisional Round: 79

That’s it, we hope to have an update after the Divisional round, as we will have a much clearer picture of who will be truly contending for the title. We will discuss the contenders and briefly discuss the losers. In the meantime, have a great week and enjoy the games this weekend.

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FantasySavvy 2015: Year in Review

This was probably the most frustrating Fantasy Football season I have ever endured. I’m sure many owners can relate with all the big injuries this season. We had top backs like Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell, Dion Lewis, Justin Forsett all go down with season ending injuries. Also we had many backs under perform, most notably, DeMarco Murray, Eddie Lacy and C.J. Anderson. Tony Romo and Big Ben missed most of the season at QB, while  WR’s Julian Edelman, Steve Smith, and Keenan Allen suffered big injuries. Some of these injuries hit me very hard and unfortunately the combination of them was too much for some of my teams to endure.

With that said, I did miss out on some things. Some players I was wrong about were Matt Jones, Latavius Murray, Dorial Green-Beckham, Andre Johnson and Ameer Abdullah. Guys I drafted in multiple things that really did nothing all year. In FAAB it’s easier to fix holes on your team, but much tougher when you are at the mercy of the waiver wire. I think all leagues should use FAAB (Free Agent Blind Bidding) but that will never happen. I also could have been better with my handcuffs, which I somewhat neglected this year at the RB position. It was tough in some of these league with only 5 bench spots.

There was a point maybe weeks 8-11 where I found myself not really enjoying Fantasy all that much, I had some bad losing weeks and I admit it did effect my focus with pickups and passion to seek out trades. Being in 11 leagues is a lot of work, especially when you have a full time Job and have a baby at home. You just can’t put the attention to detail when it comes to scouting players and seeking out necessary trades. However, I think across my 11 leagues, I only executed two trades. I will admit I need to be much more active in the trade market next season. Sometimes trading is not necessary and it will just not happen and you don’t need 100 trades, but I think maybe each team could use a trade or two. But really my teams were mostly on point from the Get go. The drafts are usually where I excel the most, highlighted by a few key pickups during the season. I just took too many hits with key guys and missed out on having the proper replacements on my bench. I also missed out a on a few key pickups.

Last year I was in 10 leagues and I finished at 78-62. I made the playoffs in 6 out of 10 leagues and won 3 SuperBowls. This season so far I am at at 72-74. I made the playoffs in just 4 out of 11 leagues with two teams left in the Playoffs. I first started tracking my records last year and will continue to do so in the future. Next year I expect a full bounce back and I will be ready for all injuries, handcuffing like a maniac, while trying to be a bit more active in the trade department. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two from my mistakes and apply the knowledge to your teams next season.

Below our all my 11 teams rosters starting in Week 1, along with their overall season record and a quick analysis.

CBS Sportsline (6 Leagues)

Team 1- CBS Expert League (Auction 12 Team, Redraft, PPR) Overall Record- 6-7 (missed playoffs by 5 points in tiebreaker)

QB- Carson Palmer, RB’s-Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell, Ameer Abdullah, Matt Jones, Josh Robinson, WR’s-Julian Edelman, Davante Adams, Stevie Johnson, Andre Johnson, TE-Jordan Reed, Eric Ebron,

Key Injuries* Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell, Julian Edelman

I won this league last season. Going up against guys from ESPN, USA Today and other sites and blogs, give me a healthy Charles, Bell and Edelman and this team is in the Superbowl. Even if I keep one of these guys I am looking very good, playoffs are pretty much a lock. Two mistakes here are not handcuffing Bell with DeAngelo and not identifying Charcandrick West in time. I just wasn’t a believer in DeAngelo Williams so I thought it was a meaningless handcuff, I was wrong, he has been superb this season.

Team 2- CBS Expert League (12 Team Snake Draft, PPR) Overall record (7-6) Currently in Semifinals. 

QB-Russell Wilson, RB’s- Carlos Hyde, Matt Jones,  Charles Sims, Ronnie Hillman, CJ Spiller, WR’s- Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Byrant, A.J. Green, Stevie Johnson, Corey Brown, Breshad Perriman, TE’s- Jimmy Graham (*Notable Adds- Dion Lewis Week 2, Gary Barnridge week 5)

Key Injuries- Dion Lewis

Again guys from CBS, Espn, etc. Losing Lewis was a killer and Dez for multiple weeks. Then Dez fully flopped out with Romo going down for the year. Losing Graham wasn’t a huge loss since he wasn’t producing all that great for the most part. And I supplemented him with Barnridge who has been very solid. Russell Wilson has been on fire of late which has carried my team to the Semi’s. Mistake here was missing out on solid RB’s in draft.

Team 3- CBS Friends League (14 Team Snake Draft, PPR) Overall Record 6-7 (missed playoffs by 1 game)

QB- Phillip Rivers, RB’s- DeMarco Murray, T.J. Yeldon, Dion Lewis, Charles Sims, Josh Robinson, WR’s- Nelson Agholor, Martavis Bryant, Randall Cobb, Stevie Johnson, Dorial Green Beckham, TE- Greg Olsen. (Notable Trade. DeMarco Murray and Randall Cobb for Jamaal Charles) Notable Adds* Antonio Gates Week 3

Key Injuries- Jamaal Charles, Dion Lewis

Made a lopsided trade in giving up Murray and Cobb for Charles. But it turned out to be pretty good with Murray going bust and Cobb having a down year. Too bad Charles went down for the year along with Lewis. Give me one guy and I am in the playoffs. Bryant, Gates, Olsen and Rivers carried my team for a few weeks, but we just came up short in the playoffs. Mistakes here were drafting Rashad Jenning (my cousins fault!!) and DeMarco Murray, my bad there, although I wasn’t really feeling Murray coming into the year, he was the best RB available at that point. I will trust my gut even more next year. Agolhor was also a terrible pick.

Team 4- CBS Friends League (12 Team Keeper Auction, Standard, no PPR) Overall Record 6-7 (missed playoffs by points tiebreaker)

QB- Tony Romo, HB’s- Eddie Lacy, Carlos Hyde, Dion Lewis, Jeremy Hill, Ameer Abullah, Shane Vereen, WR’s, Charles Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Keenan Allen, Breshad Perriman,Brandon Coleman, Phillip Dorsett, Cordrelle Patterson, TE’s Richard Rodgers, Vernon Davis.

Notable Pickups * Gary Barnridge Week 4

Key Injuries- Tony Romo, Dion Lewis, Keenan Allen

Lacy went full bust this year, killing this team. Also Carlos Hyde looked unstoppable Week 1, but got hurt after that game and played with a stress fracture for several weeks. A healthy Carlos Hyde is a very good player, look for a bounceback next year. Jeremy Hill was also a disappointment. This team looked great on paper to start. Losing Romo, Dion Lewis once again and Keenan Allen shorted this team from the playoffs though, especially Romo going down midgame and ultimately costing my team a win that week that would have earned me the playoffs.

Team 5- CBS Friends League (12 Team Keeper Auction, PPR) Overall Record 9-3 (12 week season) Currently in the Superbowl. 

QB- Russell Wilson, RB’s- Jamaal Charles, Todd Gurley, Ameer Abdulllah, Andre Ellington, Devonta Freeman, Knile Davis, Jonas Gray, WR’s- Calvin Johnson, Randall Cobb, O’Dell Beckham, Davante Parker, TE’s- Coby Fleener, Eric Ebron.

Notable Adds* Dion Lewis Week 2, Gary Barnridge Week 3

Key Injuries: Jamaal Charles, Dion Lewis

Champion last year and again his team is in the Superbowl, but imagine I had Jamaal Charles and Dion Lewis? It’s almost a shoe in victory. Still, I am in prime position despite. This is a league I have been doing for around 10 years. The last few years I have been hitting on players adding Beckham, Randall Cobb, and this year with Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley. Hopefully I can seal the deal this week. Next year we will go in with Todd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Beckham Cobb and Russell Wilson.

Team 6 -CBS Friends League (14 Team Snake Keeper, PPR) Overall Record 7-6 (missed playoffs by 1 game)

QB- Phillip Rivers, HB- Le’Veon Bell, C.J. Spiller, Matt Jones, DeAngelo Williams, Fred Jackson, WR’s- O’Dell Beckham, Sammy Watkins, Emmanuel Sanders, Dorial Green-Beckham, Corey Brown, Charles Johnson, TE- Jordan Reed

Notable Trades* Lance Dunbar for Dion Lewis in Week 3

Notable Adds* Delanie Walker Week 6

Key Injuries* Dion Lewis, Le’Veon Bell

Acquiring Dion Lewis for Lance Dunbar was a steal, many of the league members thought we were colluding, but we weren’t ha. But in the end we lost Lewis and Bell, although we had DeAngelo who has been the best handcuff this season. Still we missed the playoffs by 1 spot and our team went off this week. Jordan Reed and Phillip Rivers let us down in a do or die game in Week 13.  Last year league’s Champion, it sucks we couldn’t repeat. But we will go into next year with Beckham and Bell, you can only keep 2. Watkins and Lewis will go wasted, that’s why more keeper spots should be awarded, good owners should benefit.

Yahoo (4 Leagues)

Team 1- Expert League- (12 team Snake, PPR) Overall Record 5-8

QB- Tony Romo, HB-Jamaal Charles, DeMarco Murray, Ronnie Hillman, Josh Robinson, Charles Sims, Matt Jones, WR’s- Andre Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, Stevie Johnson, Davante Parker, Breshard Perriman, Markus Wheaton, TE- Jimmy Graham

Notable Adds* Travis Benjamin Week 3

Key Injuries* Tony Romo, Jamaal Charles

This was a poorly drafted team overall with Murray, Matt Jones, Andre Johnson, Jeremy Maclin having mostly inconsistent and dissapointing years. Losing Charles was the killer, but I don’t think this team was going to make too much noise regardless. Murray, Andre Johnson and taking Jimmy Graham too high set this team back.

Team 2- Friends League (16 Team Snake Draft, .5 PPR) Overall Record 3-10

QB- Ryan Fitzpatrick, RB- Jamaal Charles, Matt Jones, C.J. Spiller, Carlos Hyde, Ameer Abdullah, Josh Robinson, WR’s Brandin Cooks, Terrance Williams, Markus Wheaton, Phillip Dorsett, Charles Johnson, TE’s Coby Fleener

Key Injuries- Jamaal Charles

16 team league so the pickings are thin, but this was by far the worst draft I had. So many misses with Matt Jones, Spiller, Abdullah, Wheaton. Cooks has been good of late, but he started horrible. Lost Charles again, but this team did not have a shot from the get go. Ashamed of myself with this team, need to have a much better showing next year.

Team 3- Friends League (12 Team Snake Draft, Dynasty, PPR) Overall Record 3-10

QB- Big Ben, HB’s, Dion Lewis, Jamaal Charles, Latavius Murray, Devonta Freeman, Duke Johnson Jr., Fred Jackson, Carlos Hyde, LeGarrette Blount, Charles Sims,Christine Michael, Josh Robinson, Khiry Robinson, WR’s- Andre Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, Demaryius Thomas, Markus Wheaton, Justin Hunter TE’s- Antonio Gates, Eric Ebron.

Key Injuries Jamaal Charles, Dion Lewis.

This team had a lot of promise, I actually tried to make a ton of trades to get a QB here, since rosters go 25 deep there wasn’t much available. But Freeman, Charles, Lewis, Thomas, Big Ben, Murray, sounded good on paper it just didn’t work’ out. Big Ben was in and out all year, Thomas was a disappointment and Charles and Lewis were huge injuries.

Team 4- Friends League (12 Team Snake Draft, Standard No PPR) Overall record 6-7 ( Lost in 1st round of Playoffs)

QB- Tom Brady, HB’s, Devonta Freeman, Dion Lewis, Latavius Murray, Ameer Abdullah, Matt Jones, Charles Sims, Carlos Hyde, C.J. Spiller, WR’s- O’Dell Beckham, Julio Jones, Charles Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Dorial Green Beckham, Brandon Coleman, TE’s- Eric Ebron.

Notable Adds* Gary Barnridge Week 4

Key Injuries Dion Lewis

This team led the league in points but only made the playoffs by one game. It fell in the playoffs this week as Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman came up short. This was a pretty good team though and like most of my other teams I built great RB depth, problem was the backs I built depth with just did not hit.

Espn (1 League)

Expert League (10 Teams, PPR) Overall Record 9-4 (Lost in Semis)

QB- Tony Romo, HB- Devonta Freeman, Danny Woodhead, C.J. Spiller, Ronnie Hillman Latavius Murray, WR’s- T.Y. Hilton, Dez Bryant, Jeremy Maclin, Calvin Johnson, Davante Parker, Terrance Williams, TE – Jordan Cameron

Notable Adds* Delanie Walker, Jordan Reed

Key Injuries- Tony Romo

Losing a QB in a 10 team league isn’t really a big deal, you can play matchups, as I did with Bortles, Cutler, Dalton, etc. However I lost Dalton in my first round playoff game, although it would not have mattered anyway. Bryant was affected by the loss of Romo and Hilton by the loss of luck. This team was good just didn’t have enough firepower in the end to fully complete. Missed on some RB’s once again.


Overall I lost the Combo of Charles and Bell in 1 league, Bell and Lewis in one league and Charles and Lewis in 3 leagues. And then I lost Lewis in another 3 leagues and Charles in two. Pretty devastating. I guess you can say I put all my eggs in one basket, but these were extremely talented players and I could have went another direction and picked a bad talent. And when it hits, then everything hits, injuries of this magnitude are highly uncommon, especially when they go down for the season.

But while I suffered some tough injuries, I did not hit on a quite a few guys like I mentioned. Abdullah, Murray, Matt Jones, etc, were guys I drafted in multiple leagues that just did not come through. Carlos Hyde was another, but like I stated he was gold in Week 1, then suffered a stress fracture which he tried to played through, but you could tell he wasn’t the same. Also playing with Colin Kaepernick, did not help.

In the end, I didn’t fully handcuff correctly, wasn’t as active as I should have been in the trade market and missed out some of my sleepers. But there is no doubt that had my top guys stayed healthy, this would have been a very successful season overall resulting in multiple titles once again. But that is Football, there are injuries and while this year may be an outlier for us overall, we always need to be prepared  as we can.

Identifying talent yourself is so important. Watching film on all the rookies, all the guys competing for jobs, etc. You only need to hit on a few of these guys and it will do wonders for your teams. This year it was Devonta Freeman, Dion Lewis, Tyler Eifert, Thomas Rawls, and a few others. Guys that you can get late and that will put your teams over the top. Think outside the box, don’t fall into the trap of grabbing a player just because all the writers are on top of them. Some go bust, like Sam Bradford, Davante Adams. Do the research yourself. Watch tape. Follow this site next year! Our tape review is coming back. The tape doesn’t lie. Build depth, stay crazy active on the waiver wire and look a few weeks ahead on the wire. Send a few trade offers ever couple weeks and it’s best to call or text your league members. Offers over the net rarely go through. You need dialogue. Don’t overdraft QB’s. Also make sure to read Evan Silva’s Matchups breakdown at, that is the best resource in my opinion, there is so much quality information and it’s great to help with certain pickups and setting your lineups right. But have fun, and limit your leagues to under five if you can. I am in too many and hopefully I can cut it to under 8, because I really think being in too many effects your teams in a negative way.

This year at we missed out on our player rankings, daily league suggestions and radio show for a few weeks, due to life getting in the way. But we will finish the year with our Radioshow which can be followed at Also give me a follow on, Thank you.

Next year we will be bringing back our film review which will be the main article every week and which will truly identify talent, so that we can add the best talent and stay away from the bums.

Thanks to all the readers, listeners and followers, we hope you guys finish strong this year and take down some titles. Be sure to check our RadioShow, our daily league suggestions and NFL picks throughout the NFL playoffs.



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FantasySavvy 2015: Week 8 Player Rankings


  1. Phillip Rivers @ BAL
  2. Big Ben vs CINCY
  3. Drew Brees vs NYG
  4. Andy Dalton @ PIT
  5. Eli Manning @ NO
  6. Matt Ryan vs TB
  7. Cam Newton vs IND
  8. Jay Cuter vs MIN
  9. Carson Palmer @ CLE
  10. Aaron Rodgers @ DEN
  11. Russell Wilson @ DAL
  12. Andrew Luck @ CAR
  13. Matt Stafford vs KC
  14. Peyton Manning vs GB
  15. Joe Flacco vs SD
  16. Teddy Bridgewater @ CHI
  17. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ OAK
  18. Jameis Winston @ ATL
  19. Josh McCown vs AZ
  20. Alex Smith vs DET
  21. Nick Foles vs SF
  22. Derek Carr vs NYJ
  23. Zach Mettenberger @ HOU
  24. Brian Hoyer vs TEN
  25. Matt Cassel vs SEA
  26. Colin Kaepernick @ STL


  1. Matt Forte vs MIN
  2. Le’Veon Bell vs CIN
  3. Todd Gurley vs SF
  4. Devonta Freeman vs TB
  5. Adrian Peterson @ CHI
  6. Justin Forsett vs SD
  7. Marshawn Lynch @ DAL
  8. Mark Ingram @ NYG
  9. Jonathan Stewart vs IND
  10. Chris Ivory @ OAK
  11. Doug Martin @ ATL
  12. Chris Johnson @ CLE
  13. Giovani Bernard @ PIT
  14. Danny Woodhead @ BAL
  15. Frank Gore @ CAR
  16. Eddie Lacy @ DEN
  17. Charcandrick West vs DET
  18. Darren Mcfadden vs SEA
  19. Jeremy Hill @ PIT
  20. Alfred Blue vs TEN
  21. Ronnie Hillman vs GB
  22. Duke Johnson vs AZ
  23. Orleans Darkwa @ NO
  24. Ameer Abdullah vs KC
  25. Latavius Murray vs NYJ
  26. Reggie Bush @ STL
  27. Charles Sims @ ATL
  28. Antonio Andrews @ HOU
  29. Andre Ellington @ CLE
  30. Melvin Gordon @ BAL
  31. Shane Vereen @ NO
  32. C.J. Spiller vs NYG
  33. Theo Riddick vs KC
  34. Dexter McCluster @ HOU
  35. Isaiah Crowell vs AZ
  36. James Starks @ DEN
  37. Khiry Robinson vs NYG
  38. Rashad Jennings @ NO
  39. Ahmad Bradsaw @ CAR
  40. Chris Polk vs TEN
  41. CJ Anderson vs GB
  42. Christine Michael vs SEA
  43. Buck Allen vs SD
  44. David Johnson @ CLE
  45. Mike Tolbert vs IND


  1. Julio Jones vs TB
  2. Odell Beckham @ NO
  3. Antonio Brown vs CIN
  4. A.J. Green @ PIT
  5. Calvin Johnson @ KC
  6. DeAndre Hopkins vs TEN
  7. Mike Evans @ ATL
  8. Larry Fitzgerald @ CLE
  9. Alshon Jeffrey vs MIN
  10. Steve Smith vs SD
  11. Brandon Marshall @ OAK
  12. Jeremy Maclin vs DET
  13. Keenan Allen @ BAL
  14. Martavis Bryant vs CIN
  15. Demaryius Thomas vs GB
  16. Stefon Diggs @ CHI
  17. Amari Cooper vs NYJ
  18. Randall Cobb @ DEN
  19. James Jones @ DEN
  20. Emmanuel Sanders vs GB
  21. T.Y. Hilton @ CAR
  22. Eric Decker @ OAK
  23. Dez Byrant vs SEA
  24. Donte Moncrief @ CAR
  25. Travis Benjamin vs AZ
  26. Brandin Cooks vs NYG
  27. Ruben Randle @ NO
  28. Stevie Johnson @ BAL
  29. Marvin Jones vs PIT
  30. Kendall Wright @ HOU
  31. Nate Washington vs TEN
  32. Willie Snead vs NYG
  33. Anquan Boldin vs STL
  34. Roddy White vs TB
  35. Mike Wallace @ CHI
  36. Golden Tate @ KC
  37. Ted Ginn vs INDY
  38. Tavon Austin vs SF
  39. Michael Crabtree vs NYJ
  40. Michael Floyd @ CLE
  41. Kamar Aiken vs SD
  42. Tyler Lockett @ DAL
  43. Dontrea Dye @ ATL
  44. Doug Baldwin @ DAL
  45. Andre Johnson @ CAR
  46. Davante Adams @ DEN
  47. Dorial Green-Beckham @ HOU
  48. Eddie Royal vs MIN
  49. Jermaine Kearse @ DAL
  50. Torrey Smith @ STL
  51. Dwayne Harris @ NO


  1. Greg Olsen vs IND
  2. Tyler Eifert @ PIT
  3. Gary Barnridge vs AZ
  4. Martellus Bennett vs MIN
  5. Ladarius Green @ BAL
  6. Delanie Walker @ HOU
  7. Travis Kelce vs DET
  8. Eric Ebron vs KC
  9. Jason Witten vs SEA
  10. Jimmy Graham @ DAL
  11. Heath Miller vs CIN
  12. Jacob Tamme vs TB
  13. Crockett Gilmore vs SD
  14. Ben Watson vs NYG
  15. Richard Rodgers @ DEN
  16. Larry Donnell @ NO
  17. Vernon Davis @ STL
  18. Kyle Rudolph @ CHI
  19. Dwayne Allen @ CAR
  20. Coby Fleener @ CAR
  21. Owen Daniels vs GB

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FantasySavvy 2015: Week 8, 7UP 7Down

By: Kevin Lewis

7 UP

QB Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings (FD $6,900, DK $5,100) Bridgewater picked it up last week with a 300 yard, two TD performance at Detroit last week. He gets another good matchup this week against Chicago who is 29th in sacks and is allowing a 108 QB rating to opposing QB’s.

RB Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams (FD $8,100, DK $6,300) San Francisco is giving up 4.4 YPC on the road this year and we all know about Gurley’s exploits the last three weeks. Don’t try to be cute and fade him.

RB Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens (FD $6,900, DK $6,100) Opposing running backs have scored 10 touchdowns against the Chargers this year and the Chargers have allowed more fantasy points to running backs than every other team in the NFL. Forsett is still relatively cheap so he’s one of my very favorite plays this week.

RB Orleans Darkwa, New York Giants (FD $5,100, DK  $3,600) Darwka hits holes quickly, follows his blocks and finishes his runs with power. Steve DeAngelo discussed this on the radio show last night. The Saints are allowing 6 YPC, Darkwa is set for a bigger workload this week, this could be a sleeper play that pays dividends.

WR Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings (FD $6,700, DK $4,800) He’s emerged of late and the Bears can’t stop the pass. While he will be very popular it will be hard to fade him against a poor Bears secondary.

WR Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts (FD $6,400, DK $5,500) Moncrief should see less of Josh Norman than Hilton, one would think. He’s scored a touchdown in four of the five games Andrew Luck has played this year and he’s still really cheap on both sites.

TE Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers (FD $6,400, DK $6,500) Greg Olsen is Cam Newton’s go to guy and the Colts have allowed the ninth most points to the position in 2015. With the Colts run defense actually being pretty solid for a change, it’s fair to expect Cam Newton to have to put it up a bit. With that said, play Olsen.

7 Down

QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Panthers (FD $9,000, DK $7,500) It feels suggesting to fade Aaron Rodgers altogether but there are so many guys with better matchups and it’s not like Green Bay’s offense has been clicking on all cylinders recently either. I realize how dangerous it is to fade him altogether but that is exactly what I plan on doing.

WR Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers (FD $7,600, DK $7,000) Denver has a boatload of elite CBs. I would just avoid the entire Packers passing game altogether. It feels weird as hell to type that but here we are.

RB Chris Ivory, New York Jets (FD $7,700, DK $6,000) The most yardage the Raiders have allowed to an RB this year is 91. Add in the uncertainty with Ivory’s wide array of lower body injuries and he’s an easy fade for me this week

RB Darren McFadden, Dallas Cowboys (FD $6,400, DK $3,800) Just think better of it. I beg you. Or if you’re going to start Darren McFadden make sure you have a bottle of Pepto Bismol nearby.

RB Charcandrick West, Kansas City Chiefs (FD $6,600, DK $4,700) The Lions are actually a pretty good run defense and there isn’t a lot to like about the Chiefs offense these days.

QB Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (FD $7,800, DK $6,300) The Seahawks offense is barely above functional these days. Their OL is an absolute mess and the Cowboys front four is probably the strongest unit on the team. I’m going to avoid Wilson until he gives me a reason not to do so.

QB Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns (FD $6,900, DK $5,300) The Titans pass defense isn’t bad and I just feel like Hoyer is due for a dud. I’d look elsewhere in that price range if you absolutely must.

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2015 FantasySavvy: 7 UP, 7 Down

By Kevin Lewis:

7 UP

WR Michael Floyd, Arizona Cardinals (FD $4,900, DK $3,200)

He caught a touchdown last week, and was close on a couple of others. He might be the best punt play this week as he goes up against Baltimore’s god awful pass defense.

WR Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts (FD $6,500, DK $5,200)

Moncrief is the most targeted receiver on the Colts and has scored a touchdown in every single game Andrew Luck has played this year. How TY Hilton is STILL more expensive than him is something I can’t figure out but will still exploit. Moncrief will also get a lot of Brandon Browner who has been bad by whatever metric or eye test you want to use.

TE Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs (FD $6,000, DK $4,900)

I really don’t like recommending Kansas city receiving options anymore as they are essentially being imprisoned by their terrible QB. That said, Kelce is still relatively cheap and Pittsburgh has given up the second most fantasy points to tight ends.

QB Ryan Tannehiill, Miami Dolphins (FD $7,700, DK $5,700) Tannehill has been relatively productive of late as he’s thrown seven TDS in his last three games. Houston and Miami both run a ton of plays and Houston gives up the sixth most fantasy points to QBs. Tannehill could be in for a nice day in Miami

WR Eric Decker, New York Jets (FD $6,200, DK $5,300)

I think Belichick is going to load up on stopping Marshall and Ivory. Decker has scored a TD in each of the last six games he’s played for the Jets. I think his ceiling is high for this week especially if the Jwets end up passing more than they want.

TE Ladarius Green,  San Diego Chargers (FD $5,100, DK $2,900)

Oakland is the worst team in the NFL at defending TEs. San Diego passes the ball very well and often and doesn’t run it very well. Antonio Gates will either not suit up or be limited if he does. Do with this information whatever you will. Green is extremely appealing on DK

WR Steve Smith, Baltimore Ravens (FD $6,900, DK $6,200)

Tavon Austin and Martavis Bryant both scored twice against the Ravens. I’m assuming Baltimore’s defense will give up a lot of points which will make a lot of passing necessary. I like his upside this week.

7 Down

HB Jonathan Stewart, Baltimore Ravens (FD $6,700, DK $4,000)

Not only has Stewart been an epic disappointment this year but the Eagles haven’t given up a single touchdown to running backs all year. Look elsewhere.

QB Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (FD $8,100, DK $7,200)

For a guy who hasn’t put up big numbers and is currently handing the ball off to the most prolific back in the league, Ryan is just too damn expensive. Avoid.

WR Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders (FD $7,300, DK $6,500)

Cooper will likely see a lot of Jason Verett who’s been one of the best CBs in football thus far this year. If I’m going to target a Raiders WR it would be Michael Crabtree who Derek Carr has targeted more than Cooper anyway.

RB Christine Michael, Dallas Cowboys (FD $5,600, DK $3,000)

Just don’t do it to yourself. Please. Don’t.

RB Rashad Jennings, New York Giants (FD $6,300, DK $4,000).

The Dallas run defense is getting a little better and Jennings workload is far too unreliable to rely on. You can find better options in his price range.

QB Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles (FD $7,700, DK $6,100)

Bradford looks bad and the Panthers are giving up the sixth least amount of fantasy points.

WR Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles (FD $6,600, DK $6,400)

Jordan Matthews has had a rough beginning to the season as he has been inconsistent with his hands and has had a rough time getting open. Bradford is struggling too and I expect this game to be a slugfest. There are better options in his price range that are way less stressful.

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FantasySavvy 2015: Week 6 Daily League Selections

DraftKings Tournament Plays

Lineup #1 (Steve D)

QB- Carson Palmer- $6,600

RB- Arian Foster- $7000, Eddie Lacy $6,300

WR-T.Y. Hilton- $6,500, James Jones -$5,800, Allen Robinson- $5,900

TE- Zach Ertz- $2,900

Flex- Dion Lewis- $5,800

DEF- Jets -$3,100

Lineup #2 (Staff Picks)

QB- Jay Cutler- $5,200

HB- Lamar Miller-$4,300, Danny Woodhead- $4,700

WR- Eric Decker- $4,900, T.Y. Hilton- $6,500, Calvin Johnson-$7,300

TE-Rob Gronkowski- $7,600

Flex- Eddie Lacy- $6,300

DEF- Jets- $3,100

FanDuel (Tournament Plays)

Lineup #1 (Steve D)

QB-Brian Hoyer- $6,700

HB- Adrian Peterson -$8,900, Ameer Abdullah $5,900

WR- Julian Edelman- $7,900, DeAndre Hopkins-$8,500, Jarvis Landry-$7,300

TE- Antonio Gates- $5,500

K- Matt Prater-$4,500

D- Jets- $4,800

Lineup #2 (Staff Picks)

QB- Eli Manning- $7,800

HB-Adrian Peterson-$8,900, Duke Johnson-$5,900

WR-Larry Fitzgerald-$7,500, DeAndre Hopkins-$8,500, Eric Decker $6,100

TE-Tyler Eifert-$6,000

K-Robbie Gould-$4,500

D-Jets- $4,800

Lineup #3 (Steve D)

QB- Blake Bortles- $7,300

HB- Eddie Lacy- $7,300, HB- Arian Foster-$8,500

WR- MIke Wallace- $5,400, WR- Larry Fitzgerald-$7,500, O’Dell Beckham $9,100

TE-Gary Barnridge-$5,700

K- Matt Prater-$4,500


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